The Journalists

Jordan Huss is a current sophomore at the University of Missouri and is studying International Strategic Communication and Spanish. Originally from Colorado Springs, CO, Jordan now lives in Columbia, MO during the school year. She is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta, a campus tour guide, and most importantly, a Mizzou Tiger. When she is not covering the latest news on astrophysics, Jordan enjoys eating junk food, napping during class, and memorizing obscure movie lines. After graduation, she plans to travel the world, become famous, and someday get a job. Contact Jordan at


Mollie Barnes is a student at the University of Missouri-Columbia majoring in Multiplatform Design in the Missouri School of Journalism. She is the current Entertainment Director for the Student Unions Programming Board, a member of Phi Mu, a Staff Writer and soon to be columnist for MOVE Magazine and a player in MU Improv. She is currently pursuing a minor in Italian and will be studying abroad in Milan  in Spring 2013. After graduation Mollie hopes to work for a travel or science publication as a writer and web designer. Contact Mollie at or on Twitter @holyguacamollie.


Alyson Bean is a student at the University of Missouri where she is dual majoring in journalism and psychology. She plans to graduate in Spring 2015 and attend graduate school for journalism. After college she hopes to work as an magazine editor or writer for a technology publication. When not busy studying, Alyson enjoys writing and blogging about video games. She can be contacted at


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